GEM Tang declines to address new romance rumours

21 Apr - Although she has denied allegations of being the third party in Joey Wong's relationship with Mark Ngai, GEM Tang found herself being linked to the stylist again recently.

As reported on Tencent, the singer was recently photographed holding hands with Mark on the streets of Shibuya during their trip to Japan. They were also spotted shopping in one of the malls in the area, sparking rumours that they are indeed in a relationship.

However, when asked to address the issue recently, GEM's team neither denied nor confirmed the rumours, and only responded that Mark is now serving as the singer's new stylist.

GEM, who saw the photo, laughed at how 'thick' her legs are, and shared that she has made a promise before to never speak about personal affairs since it had previously caused so much pressure.

"I have to use a lot of energy to deal with the outside world, so it's better to leave some for the people that I love," she said, adding that fans will only know about her love life after she gets married.

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