GE2020: Fashionable moments among election candidates

Teng Yong Ping
Lifestyle Editor

With Singapore’s general election well under way, party candidates have been out and about on the campaign trail. They’ve been sticking to their party uniforms for the most part – so, we decided to check out how some of the candidates dress outside of political settings and see for ourselves if they’re comfortable showing off their personal styles.

Who says politicians can’t be fashionable?

Jamus Lim and Xie Yao Quan - Polo shirts

Ah, the classic polo shirt. Once worn by tennis players, polo shirts became popular in the ‘50s and ‘70s when brands like Lacoste and Ralph Lauren commercialised the clothing item. 

These days, polo shirts come in an assortment of bold to pastel colours, for that smart casual look. Whether you wear it alone or under a jacket, the three-button placket-front short-sleeve shirt gives the wearer a balanced sense of fashion and comfort. 

Not only does Workers’ Party (WP) candidate Jamus Lim wear his polo shirts religiously, he favours Uniqlo’s Airism undershirts to wick away moisture in our hot climate.

People’s Action Party (PAP) candidate Xie Yao Quan is also a fan of polo shirts; he has been seen in a dark blue top (fourth photo below), paired with grey slacks.

Just one tip: don’t ever pop the collar, please.

Raeesah Khan - Masking up in style

Even when Raeesah Khan steps out for her walkabout sessions in her WP uniform, she makes a fashion statement with her seigaiha waves face mask. 

The seigaiha is an old Japanese motif that first appeared in the 6th century and the word “seigaiha” literally means blue sea and waves.

We can’t wait to see more colourful face masks with prints out there, Raeesah!

Carrie Tan Huimin - Rocking the grey hair

The founder of charity Daughters Of Tomorrow and one of the PAP’s new candidates, Carrie Tan is rocking her grey hair with much aplomb.

We first noticed a surge in grey hair makeovers in 2010 when Lady Gaga debuted a grey updo while Rihanna styled models Gigi and Bella Hadid in grey for her Fenty x Puma campaigns in 2016. 

Tan has said that her hair is naturally grey and not dyed – we think the au naturale look is beautiful.

Liyana Dhamirah - Trendy headscarf

Entrepreneur and author Liyana Dhamirah, who is one of Red Dot United’s candidates, wears a stylish hijab that has the perfect drape.

From heavy chiffon to satin-silk, we love that she mixes her headscarves with a variety of colours and dainty flower brooches to keep her look effortlessly chic.

Choo Shaun Ming - Suit and tie

We cannot stress how put-together Progress Singapore Party candidate Choo looks! If you want to be on your A-game, a fitting suit and a tie will help you look your absolute best.

Choo did well here by pairing a white shirt under a well-tailored black suit – plus, white shirts go well with any tie colour. Brownie points there.

Well, don’t just hear it from us; Justin Timberlake sums it up in his song ‘Suit & Tie’ too.

Tin Pei Ling - Statement blazer

What better way to brighten your wardrobe than donning a colourful yellow blazer, like PAP candidate Tin Pei Ling did in Parliament? Blazers with a tapered waist will give you a slimming touch, and buttons on the cuffs are an added chic look.

The colour yellow is also easily worn as a top, and best paired with neutral bottoms like dark blue or black. Plus it’s such an optimistic, happy colour that will bring joy to those around you.

Sim Ann - Going traditional

Qipao, cheongsams and hanfu are all getting the modern treatment today.

In her Fathers’ Day Facebook post, Senior Minister of State for the Ministry of Communications and Information, Sim Ann, wore a Chinese traditional top that features the distinctive Chinese knot buttons, which adds a unique flavour to the garment.

We adore the light coral colour on her, and she paired it well with a pair of blue pants.

Min Cheong - Functional scarves

Singapore Democratic Party’s candidate, Min Cheong, wears the trusted scarf to keep warm against chilly weather.

Scarves have many functional uses, whether to complete an outfit or to disguise a bad hair day. They can even be tied and worn as belts or tops.