Gary Oldman dancing to James Brown as Winston Churchill will make your day

Ben Arnold

If you’ve ever wondered what Winston Churchill would look like if he pulled out his best James Brown moves – you know you have – then wonder no more.

During an appearance on The Graham Norton Show to promote his role in his Oscar-contender Darkest Hour, Gray Oldman did just that.

Norton unearthed the footage from on set, recorded by Oldman’s wife, with her husband weighed down with the prosthetics which transformed him into the wartime prime minister.

It’s a bizarre sight indeed. But most welcome from the veteran British actor.

Oldman seriously got into character for the role, he also revealed, getting himself nicotine poisoning from smoking Churchill’s beloved cigars.

“I don’t smoke anymore and I got nicotine poisoning,” he told his fellow guests on the sofa. “I was on about twelve [cigars] a day.

“I went through £30,000 of cigars on the set! They’re 50 quid a pop, and I would do about 12 of them a day, so I basically had a bad stomach for the three months I was on the [film].

“We had a Christmas break. Everybody went off and decorated their Christmas tree, and went off shopping, and I went to have a colonoscopy! That was my Christmas present.”

The movie, directed by Joe Wright and also starring Kristin Scott Thomas and Lily James, is due out on January 12.

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