Gao Yunxiang not welcomed in new neighbourhood?

16 Jul – Although Gao Yunxiang has been released on bail and is now living in Sydney with his family awaiting his trial, it was reported that his presence has not been welcomed by the local Chinese community.

As reported on Phoenix, sources recently revealed that the Chinese actor's wife Dong Xuan, who is now staying in a residential district in Sydney called Chatswood, reportedly bought a luxury villa with five rooms and three bathrooms, equipped with parking space and a small swimming pool - making it less a temporary residence for a man awaiting trial, but a comfortable vacation home for the whole family.

However, despite the size of his new home, Gao's presence in the area reportedly has not been received well by the Chinese community living in Chatswood.

Screenshots of the community's online group chat showed that some of these residents are against him staying in the area, with one writing, "Leave, Gao Yunxiang. Chatswood doesn't want to see [expletives] here!"

However, at the same time, others were more welcoming to the family, saying that they are not just neighbours but fellow compatriots.

Gao, who posted bail at the end of June following his sexual assault case against a local Chinese woman in Sydney, will return to the court for his trial sometime this month.