Gao Yunxiang may need more time before he can return to China

23 Mar - Gao Yunxiang's attorney recently revealed that the actor's family is rejoicing over news that he has been acquitted of all charges of sexual assault in Australia.

As reported on Mingpao, the said attorney who spoke to the media following the acquittal, stated that the actor has yet to make a specific decision about his return to mainland China, though he misses his family and friends.

"He has not seen his daughter for a long time, but right now, he is considering the situation due to the pandemic," the attorney added.

It is believed that Gao may have to go through some formalities first before he is able to return home, which may take two to three weeks.

Reports are also saying that ex-wife Dong Xuan thought the result was bitter-sweet.

It is noted that the celebrity couple ended their marriage last year amid the stress of the trial, despite Dong leaving everything behind to stand beside her husband following his arrest in March 2018 over allegations of sexual assault.

Following a retrial earlier this year after a hung jury in December, the actor was found not guilty of all the charges.

(Photo Source: AAP)