Gao Yunxiang finally reunited with family

10 Jul – Chinese actor Gao Yunxiang has officially being released from jail following his successful bail application.

As reported on Phoenix, a staff of the Silverwater Correctional Complex located in New South Wales, Australia revealed that the actor has left the building on 5 July at 1.55pm.

In accordance of the requirements set by the court, he has also been equipped with an ankle monitor and will be wearing it throughout his time in the country before his trial.

Gao, who failed to secure bail in his first attempt following his arrest in Sydney for allegedly sexually assaulting a local woman, was granted one during a hearing on 29 June. It was previously reported that the bail will not be effective immediately, and that the actor will have to undergo several procedures before finally able to leave with his family.

He will be staying in the country with his wife, daughter, and mother, after wife Dong Xuan revealed that she has taken the family to live in Australia throughout the period of Gao's trial.

Aside from the ankle monitor, Gao is also prohibited from going near the international airport, approaching the victim and other witnesses, as well as surrendering his and his family's passports to the authority.