Gao Yunxiang's bail hearing postponed

15 Apr – Actor Gao Yunxiang's camp has denied rumours saying that the actor was refused bail by the Australian court, following allegations of sexual assault.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor who is currently being detained in Sydney, Australia after being accused of assaulting a 36-year-old local Chinese woman at the Shangri-La Hotel while in the country, recently appeared alongside his attorney in front of the court for his bail hearing.

However, it was revealed that the judge has postponed the hearing to another date, after prosecutors revealed that they needed more time to read the materials concerning the bail application as they just had the Easter Week prior to the hearing.

In a statement Gao's rep revealed, "The judge has decided to hold another bail hearing. We apologise for making everybody worry about Mr. Gao Yunxiang."

"This is the first attempt made at getting a bail for Mr. Gao. Therefore, there is no truth to previous online reports that he was denied bail before. Thank you for your concern."