Gao Yunxiang acquitted of all sexual assault charges

23 Mar - Chinese actor Gao Yunxiang (Gavin Gao) has been acquitted of all charges of sexual assault.

As reported on Mingpao, the 37-year-old actor, as well as Chinese producer Wang Jing, was found not guilty in the series of charges of sexually assaulting a woman inside the Shangri-La Hotel, two years after the incident reportedly happened.

Gao was acquitted of five accounts of sexual assault and two counts of indecent assault, while Wang was acquitted for similar charges plus two counts of attempted sexual assault.

The two are now free to return to China after being detained from doing so since their arrest in Sydney, Australia back in 2018.

It is noted that the jury failed to reach a verdict on ten counts back in December. The case went on retrial, with the new jury finding that all sexual acts were consensual.

The actor, who was approached following the decision, shook his head when asked about his feelings on being found not guilty. After walking away a few steps, he looked back at the reporter and said, "Bull****".

The case has already caused a lot of trouble for the actor. Not only were his assets frozen because of it, Gao's marriage to actress Dong Xuan - who had given her full support by moving to Australia to be with him throughout the ordeal - also ended in 2019 while he was facing a trial.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)