Gang Starr pays homage to late rapper Guru in new 'Family and Loyalty' video

The J. Cole-assisted "Family and Loyalty" marks Gang Starr's first song in 16 years.

A few weeks after the single release, Gang Starr unveiled the accompanying music video for "Family and Loyalty," which was directed by hip-hop legend Fab 5 Freddy.

The video celebrates the long-lasting legacy of Guru through archival footage of the late rapper as well as a cameo from his 19-year-old son, Keith Casim.

In a statement about the visual, DJ Premier pointed out how he wanted Casim to be "a major focus of the video."

"Keith was nine when his father passed away [in 2010] and he is now 19. I used to babysit him. [Keith] made me feel like Guru was there with me. I told him he has the same look in his eyes as his father and everyone on set commented on how striking the resemblance is," he added.

The musician shared additional details about the genesis of the emotional video, which was partly shot in J. Cole's native North Carolina.

"We shot the first half of this video on Cole's turf and we had a very limited window in North Carolina. Fab 5 Freddy called me and he was really worried he would not be able to fly in from New York due to Hurricane Dorian. I told Freddy that Guru was piloting the flight and he would get him here safely and on time; and he did," DJ Premier recalled.

"Family and Loyalty" is set to appear on a new Gang Starr project, on which DJ Premier is reportedly working with Brooklyn-born rapper Nas.

The duo teased the forthcoming album on Twitter, sharing a clip of voicemail left by Nas. The rapper is heard saying, "Yo, Premier, what up man? It's your man Nas. Yo, is it true there's a new Gang Starr album? That's crazy man. Let me know man."

The yet-untitled full-length will follow Gang Starr's sixth studio album, "The Ownerz," which arrived in 2003.

In the meantime, discover the emotional video for "Family and Loyalty":