The 'Game Of Thrones' S1 foreshadowing that’ll blow your mind after season 8

Sam Ashurst
What does season 1 reveal about season 8 of Game Of Thrones? (credit: HBO)

As anyone who’s read the books will tell you, George RR Martin deploys next-level foreshadowing throughout the Song Of Ice & Fire books on which Game Of Thrones is based.

As it turns out, that’s transferred to the series too. There’s multiple examples throughout, and we think that season 1 could contain several clues about how the show will end.

“After I read season 8, I watched season 1 – there’s a lot of similarities,” Maisie Williams said.

Hmmm, what could those similarities be?

Here’s some of the biggest season 1 moments we think will show up in Game Of Thrones season 8.


Jon doesn’t want to sleep with family members

Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow of ‘Game of Thrones’. (PHOTO: HBO/Helen Sloan)

In a conversation that felt a bit throwaway at the time, Jon reveals to Sam that he’s never slept with a prostitute, because, as he doesn’t know who his mother is, he doesn’t want to accidentally sleep with his mum.

Now, this is a pretty normal attitude on the planet earth, but in Westeros it seems like incest happens much more casually.

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Seeing as Jon has such strong feelings on the subject, we wonder how he’s going to feel when he finds out Dany is his auntie?

Tywin’s prophecy

Tywin may be a soothsayer (credit: HBO)

Tywin’s introduction to the show featured him skinning a deer, which may have distracted you from the fact that he may have dropped a considerable spoiler for season 8.

In it, he says one day he’ll be dead, as will Cersei’s children be, as well as Cersei, Jaime and their brother, Tyrion.

As the show stands, Tywin is dead, Cersei’s children are dead – is this bad news for the rest of the Lannisters?

Tyrion is on his family’s side

Don’t trust Tyrion! (credit: HBO)

In the second episode of season one, Jaime questions Tyrion’s loyalty, openly wondering who;s side he’s on. Tyrion replies: “Dear brother you wound me, you know how much I love my family.”

Considering the very heavy implication that Tyrion is going to betray Dany and Jon for the Lannisters in season 8, this statement could turn out to be very foreshadowy.

Bran sees the King

Was season 1 foreshadowing this season 8 moment? (credit: HBO)

In season 1, Bran sees King Robert coming down the road to Winterfell. He’s excited about how he has an army of hundreds. Will Bran be as excited when he sees the Night King approaching Winterfell with his hundreds of ice zombies?

Also, in the season 8 trailer, we see a young man high up on a stone wall watching Jon and Dany approaching with hundreds of Unsullied, which is a neat visual callback to this season 1 moment.

Sansa wants to be queen

Will Sansa get her wish? (credit: HBO)

During a discussion with Catelyn Stark, Sansa says that being queen is the only thing she’s ever wanted. Will she finally get her heart’s desire in season 8, or die trying?

The Dothraki prophecy

The secret’s in the grass! (credit: HBO)

One throwaway season 1 moment makes us think the end of Thrones is going to be a lot more apocalyptic than some have predicted.

Jorah tells Dany about white grass, witnessed by Dothraki, with ‘stalks as pale as milk’ that ‘glow in the night’ and ‘murders other grass.’

Yeah, so that sounds like White Walkers to us. Which makes the Dothraki’s prophecy, that it’ll cover everything one day, and that’s how the world will end, a bit more intense!

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Jaime thanks Jon

Jaime could regret his sarcy tone (credit: HBO)

In season one, when Jon’s preparing to go to the Wall, Jaime seeks him out and sarcastically thanks him for volunteering to protect us from ‘Wildlings and White Walkers and whatnot,’ telling Jon, ‘we’re grateful to have good strong men like you protecting us.’

We suspect this sentiment will be a bit more sincere in season 8!

Jaime’s armour doesn’t have a scratch

We suspect this armour won’t stay pristine in season 8 (credit: HBO)

We’ve long believed that Jaime’s going to be the one to fulfil the Valonqar prophecy (that Cersei will be killed by one of her brothers) but what if season 1 is hinting that it’ll have a further twist?

When Ned points out that Jaime’s armour doesn’t have a scratch on it, Jaime says no-one’s gotten close enough to damage it. Typical Game Of Thrones foreshadowing suggests that one day, someone will. What if Jaime gets murdered in season 8, and he strangles Cersei in the form of a wight, and not as himself?

The way we see it playing out is this, Tyrion betrays Jon and Dany for Cersei, Cersei betrays Tyrion to Jon and Dany, Jaime gets angry, gets killed, comes back and kills Cersei. You owe us a pint of Arbor gold if we’re right!

Arya says ‘Not today’

This line is definitely coming back during season 8 (credit: HBO)

During her fencing lessons, Arya is told ‘What do we say to the god of death? Not today!’

Maisie Williams has commented on how many callbacks there are to season 1 in season 8, and we can guarantee this will be one of them.

What will Arya say to the Night King? ‘Not today!’

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Bran goes into the crypts of Winterfell

Will Bran return to the crypt in season 8? (credit: HBO)

In Bran’s weird Three-Eyed Raven dream, the young man gets led into the crypts of Winterfell by the raven. What are the chances that there’s something down there that’ll be relevant in season 8?

It was teased in the first S8 trailer, so there’s definitely something down there – Bran wasn’t featured in the teaser (all the other surviving Starks were, though), but we suspect he’ll be the one to go and get it.

Ned was actually protecting Jon

Sean Bean, who played key figure Ned Stark in the show’s first season, will be seen in the ‘Game of Thrones’ reunion special along with other cast members (credit: HBO)

So, we all know Ned promised to tell Jon about his mother the next time the pair saw each other, but there’s another season 1 detail related to Jon’s parentage that a lot of people seem to have missed.

When Ned went to King’s Landing, he fervently defended Daenerys, refusing to help Robert kill her, starting on a stubborn path that would ultimately contribute to him losing his life.

At the time, it seemed like he was doing it because he was an incredibly honourable man who refused to sanction the death of a child.

In reality, we now know it was probably because he was harbouring his own Targaryen, Jon – who would have become a target himself if Ned’s secret had ever been revealed. Considering Ned was gearing up to tell Jon, the risk of the secret getting out would be on Ned’s mind.

In fact, the whole reason it was a secret in the first place was because Jon’s mum was worried Robert would kill Jon when he found out about him – a fact we didn’t find out until season 7. This definitely would have been on Ned’s mind when protecting Dany.

We wonder if season 8 will make this element of season 1 clear, or it’ll stay subtle. Either way, it’s a bit amazing.