'Game of Thrones' fans having meltdown and other top lifestyle news to know

Game of Thrones. (PHOTO: HBO)

By: Jade Yong

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Game of Thrones: Fans are melting down after today’s episode

Traditionally, every penultimate episode of a long-running TV series is the most explosive, with the final episode playing the role of wrapping up the entire show. Today’s episode is no different in terms of how explosive reactions are from fans. There are those that love it, there are those that hate it… but make no mistake, every die-hard fan will read this as soon as they’ve watched the episode.

Singapore celeb-mums showered with love

Mother’s Day was just yesterday and especially when it comes to days like these, celebs are just like everyone else! Here are posts on social media from Singapore’s glitterati who made us go ‘awww’ in the best way possible.

Kid Cudi joins Adidas family

Famous rapper Kid Cudi has announced his collaboration with Adidas via Instagram in the most cryptic way possible, featuring a picture of a woman’s blue tinted skin and red lips, with only half her head portrayed. It’s to be a graphic that will be featured in the future collabo range, which is due for release end of this year.

Constance Wu sparks controversy in series of tweets

Constance Wu went on a poorly-filtered ‘rampage’ on social media after getting news that “Fresh Off The Boat” has been renewed for another season. “The Crazy Rich Asians” star expressed her apparent disappointment at the news via tweets, and responded rudely to well-meaning fans who congratulated her on the news. She released a statement today explaining her outburst the day before.

Sleeping less than six hours a night impairs work performance

Singaporeans are a hard working bunch, so much so that workaholicism has become a national trope. We’ve known for a long time now that sleep is perhaps the most important factors for good health, and the lack of sleep contributes to multiple disorders and health issues. New studies now show that those with a lack of sleep take more unnecessary risks, hence affecting performance at work.

Maria Shriver gushes about daughter Katherine marrying Chris Pratt

In this exclusive, Maria Shriver tells all about wedding planning of daughter Katherine Schwarzenegger and “Guardians of the Galaxy” stay Chris Pratt. She expressed her excitement over the weekend about the union, and gushed about how Chris is the perfect man for her daughter.