Gal Gadot only made $300,000 for playing Wonder Woman

Gadot... made a fraction of her male superhero contemporaries for Wonder Woman - Credit: Warner Bros
Gadot… made a fraction of her male superhero contemporaries for Wonder Woman – Credit: Warner Bros

While $300,000 (about £236,000) is more money than most people could hope to make in several years of nine-to-five graft, for a lead role in a superhero movie, it’s peanuts.

But nonetheless that’s what Gal Gadot got for her starring spot in ‘Wonder Woman’, according to an old report in Variety.

Unearthed and given added relevance now that the movie has turned to box office gold, back in 2014, Gadot agreed to a $300,000-per-movie deal with Warner Bros.

That’s $900,000 in all for her roles in ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’, the standalone ‘Wonder Woman’ movie and ‘Justice League’.

To put that into perspective, Jeremy Renner, very much an ancillary character among The Avengers, got paid $6.1 million for ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’.

(Credit: Disney/Marvel)
(Credit: Disney/Marvel)

Robert Downey Jr. got paid $40 million for the same movie, and while he and Renner have, to an extent, built up a salary-based head of steam over the space of a few movies, it’s worth noting that Henry Cavill got paid a staggering $14 million for his debut in ‘Man of Steel’.

Gadot will likely have other income from the movie coming in, from the likes of percentage points on the profits, royalties and merchandising, but the disparity remains depressingly large.

The movie has made $573 million (£451 million) at the box office so far, and has proved to be a huge success for DC’s cinematic universe, which has taken a hefty panning in recent years thanks to movies like the aforementioned ‘Batman V Superman’ and ‘Suicide Squad’.

As such a ‘Wonder Woman’ standalone sequel is all but assured for Gadot. So let’s hope her agent even the score a little.

After all, she could take out Hawkeye in a heartbeat.

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