Gal Gadot calms daughters with meditation apps

Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot relies on meditation apps to help her young daughters fall asleep at night.

The Wonder Woman actress, who is mum to Maya, two, and Alma, eight, with husband Yaron Varsano, has admitted she works hard to balance the demands of motherhood with her busy career.

"I always try to find balance in my life and I think that being a mother and a working woman and travelling the world - it's a struggle," she told People.

And Gadot's trying to get her little ones used to the wellness habits she abides by herself.

"But we do it in the simple things, in the small things. Like when I put my daughters to bed, I play them guided meditation apps and they'll go to sleep. They'll fade out like that, which is great," the 34-year-old added.

Gadot and Varsano also try to set a good example for their daughters by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

"We're all very active. My husband is active, my daughters are like firecrackers," she smiled. "And we eat healthy at the house. I think that more than anything, when it comes to children, it's about showing them how rather than talk about that (sic). So, we try to just be that as much as we can."

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