Gabrielle Union, 46, praised for 'natural' bikini body: 'Where is the fountain of youth?'

Gabrielle Union, 46, is being praised for natural and youthful bikini pictures. (Photo: Instagram)

Words: Kerry Justich

Actor Gabrielle Union is celebrating basketball star husband Dwyane Wade’s retirement with the Wade World Tour — and looking good while doing it.

The couple started their trip in Greece, Union has been posting photos of her and Wade’s smiling faces.

But the photos that have received a ton of attention are the bikini pictures of the 46-year-old who doesn’t look a day over 18, according to her Instagram followers.

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Union posted a series of bathing suit photos on Sunday, which prompted a number of positive responses, including those praising the star’s natural beauty.

“Natural bodies will never fail. I love this,” one fan wrote. Another commented, “It’s so refreshing to see a body I identify with.”

Many others wrote that Union looks as old as 16, 18 or 28 in the photos, leading one person to question, “Where is the Fountain of youth? Please share.”

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Another photo posted on Monday got similar responses.

“You make 40’s look like 29,” one person wrote. Another concluded, “Gabby doesn’t age.”