Gabriel Valenciano raises awareness on World Suicide Prevention Day

Heidi Hsia

13 Sep – Actor-dancer Gabriel Valenciano recently took to social media to remind netizens that World Suicide Prevention Day isn't just about celebrating those who survived.

As reported on Inquirer, the actor posted a long message on his official Instagram account, saying that the World Suicide Prevention Day is an awareness day - where one should magnify the importance and significance of how to deal with this growing epidemic.

"As of today, one person dies every forty seconds by suicide. That is not a good statistic at all. I would have been part of that statistic, twice, if not for the grace of God and love for my family and friends," he said.

Valenciano believes that his failure to deliberately end his life on several attempts back in 2018 had a greater calling - that is to reach out and help as many people as he can who are struggling with mental health issues through empathy and compassion.

"Please everyone, there are people willing to listen and help. It doesn't need to end this way. The only way to battle this is to fight together so fight with us. Surround yourself with the right people and feed your soul with the right content. You can do this. Stay alive, my dear friends. You are enough and you are worth it," he added.

The Philippine Suicide Hotline is 896-9191 or 0917-854- 9191.

(Photo Source: Gabriel Valenciano Instagram)