How to Fund Your Business For Free With Done For You Funding And E-Commerce Expert Jay Jones

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When one thinks about starting a new business the very first thing they consider is how to fund that business. From startup capital to overhead, getting a loan, finding investors, and keeping the cash flow going, funding is a challenge that stands in the way of many would-be entrepreneurs and business owners who choose to give up on their dream

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Jay Jones ( is a serial entrepreneur who has started and grown multiple multimillion-dollar businesses from the ground up and has become a leader in the e-commerce space. Along with business partners, he runs several e-commerce stores, coaching programs, as well as a done or you Walmart automation dropshipping platform that has helped thousands of people set up and scale out e-commerce as a form of passive income. Now, Jones has started a new venture, inspired by the people he has come across that want to get into dropshipping and e-commerce and entrepreneurship, but who do not have the capital for it.

Done For You Funding takes the hard part out of figuring out where the money to start a business is going to come from. Credit, often thought of as a bad thing, is an area that people often overlook, and this is where Jones and his business partner are able to step in and help. With his proven method Done For You Funding can acquire up to $250,000 in credit for clients. These are 0% interest business credit cards with very high limits. And all Jones clients get massive limits. The process is completely hands-free. Clients simply provide the required information and the Done For You Funding team finds the funding they need in thirty days or less.

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This method allows for people to access high levels of funding that traditional lending sources deny them. In many cases of traditional lending, a business must have certain assets available, be in business for a specific amount of time, have tradelines established, or seek out private investors. The Done For You Funding method takes all of that away and gets people connected with the money they need to live the life of their dreams. Far too many people find their path to success shuttered by a lack of funds, and Jones plans to change that.

“I just want to be able to help people chase their dreams. We solved the roadblocks of funding, and now people can do what they want with no hesitations.”

Jones aims to help as many people as he can get started in the world of e-commerce and does so in a variety of ways. One of his businesses is focused on dropshipping and Walmart Automation, and many clients he comes across need funding, leading him to start Done For You Funding. Through his company, Jones and his team partner with clients to build highly lucrative e-commerce stores through Walmart's third-party seller platform and have seen several stores reach 6 or 7 figures. Learn more about this amazing way to fund your business for free with Jay Jones and Done For You Funding here and see how you can start your path to financial freedom with passive income through

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