Full-Sized Lego Ferrari Unveiled at Denmark's Legoland

A full-sized Ferrari Monza built of Lego bricks was unveiled as a permanent exhibition at Legoland in Billund, Denmark, on May 18.

Anders Kongshaug, who produced this footage of the unveiling, told Storyful the project took 2,711 hours to complete with the assistance of Ferrari designers.

“All in all 383,610 LEGO bricks [were] used,” Kongshaug said. “The only original Ferrari components are the steering wheel and wheels.” Credit: Kongshaug Productions/Legoland via Storyful

Video transcript





- This car, it looks absolutely amazing. It's beautiful red and I really like how it only has one seat.

- It's fantastic for all of us to see this beautiful LEGO model finally here and LEGO land. We've been waiting for a long time, it's finally here, and everybody loves to see it.


- It's amazing how they have managed with all the shapes and all the soft entries and everything, so I can imagine the work behind this.

- It's absolutely incredible. Obviously, the rail car is incredibly impressive and has amazing sculpture. But to actually manage to replicate those sculptural forms in LEGO bricks is really impressive.


- We are now welcoming this new attraction to the LEGO land Park in Billund. We really hope that all ages enjoy the attraction. It's suitable for both dads and kids.