Oh, This? Just All the Diwali Caption Inspo You’ll Ever Need

diwali celebration
Diwali Caption Inspo At! Your! Service!John Francis/Getty Images

The time is finally upon us: specifically, the highly-anticipated Diwali festival, when order is truly restored in the universe. Celebrated by millions of people across the globe, the festival of light has a lot to love about it—like the whole “good triumphing evil” thing, light overcoming darkness, and, best of all, new beginnings.

I truly believe that all great holiday pics deserve even greater captions, so it's completely understandable why you're here looking for Diwali Instagram inspo. Especially since, in recent years, social media has become *such* an important part of the holiday. Shilpa Narang, a community member at New York City’s Bhakti Center, says it’s an important way to link celebrants all over the world. And not to get all earnest and teary-eyed up in here, but a little worldwide community-building is what we need as a people every once in a while.

Look, the potential Diwali content is endless. In between the back-to-back black and white firework vids that’ll surely end up on your Story, there are the mouthwatering dinner pictures! The festive fashion! The inevitable family photo (FaceTime screenshots included)!

So if you wanna alert everyone on the feed about all your upcoming Diwali celebrations, we’ve got you covered...especially if you’re tryna avoid using the classic “It’s lit” or “Be a pataka, don’t burst one” captions for, like, the third year in a row.

For flawless ’fit pics

  • If you don’t struggle with sari drapes, baby, you don’t feel my pain.

  • Obligatory Diwali ’fit pic.

  • Thought I’d add a little color to ya feed.

  • I don’t feel sari for looking this good.

  • “Diwali is awesome. And there’s food and there’s gonna be dancing, and, oh, I got the raddest outfit.” —Kelly Kapoor

  • Is it hot in here or is it me? (On second thought, it’s most likely the diyas.)

  • Don’t mind me!! ✨

  • So fresh and so clean…

  • It’s okay to stop and stare!

  • Life’s not perfect, but this sari is.

  • A little gift for all of the loyal fans at home.

  • Hello, and welcome back to Diwali's Next Top Model.

  • If you’re not putting on a full red carpet look for Diwali, then WYED?

For mouthwatering food pics

  • A balanced diet is a ladoo in each hand.

  • Ten points to whoever can spot the *very* new stain on my outfit.

  • Bright lights, full stomach, can’t lose.

  • Ask me how long it took to clean this plate.

  • I followed the lights and they led me here.

  • Here’s to love, light, and ladoos.

  • This plate is my current priority.

  • You’re looking at the official kitchen taste tester, TYVM.

  • Can households receive Michelin stars? Just curious.

  • This plate is currently my most prized possession.

  • You can’t have a full celebration with an empty stomach.

Just generally lit pics (lol, get it?)

  • Alexa, play “Firework” by Katy Perry.

  • Hey, look on the bright side. 😎

  • Can we just discuss the stress of capturing a good fireworks pic real quick, pls?

  • Baby, you light up my world like nobodyyy else.

  • Do they give out degrees in Master of Fireworks Pics?

  • Certified Lighter Girl.

  • ~The light is coming to give back everything the darkness stole.~

  • If you’ve been looking for the light, congrats! You’ve arrived.

  • Baby, is ur name Diya? ’Cause you light up my world.

  • These are sorta like diamonds in the sky, right, @badgalriri?

  • Electric candles still count!

  • Replacing fireworks with a Bath and Body Works candle this year…and TBH, seems appropriate. 🔥

  • Go ahead and let that light in.

  • It’s really a matter of *when* our smoke detector will start to act up rather than if.

  • “Shine bright, shine far, be a starrr”

For truly festive pics

  • Your fave part of fall is PSLs. Mine is Diwali. We are not the same. (But also, can you pick me up a PSL, pretty plssss?)

  • NBD, just here to bless your feed and the new year.

  • This is the only festival you’ll catch me at, TBH.

  • My 2023 ends this week thanks to Diwali! Y’all enjoy the rest though. 😏

  • 10/10 stars, would do this all again next year.

  • Live for today, plan for the new year, and celebrate tonight.

  • A face full of sweets, a home full of diyas.

  • This holiday is not for keeping things low-key.

  • Got that inner glow. 🔥🔥🔥

  • Yes, of course I decorated all by myself. 😏

  • Good Diwali vibes only in this house.

  • One thing I won’t turn down is a party.

For the wholesome family pic

  • Got the whole crew with me.

  • Our passion for ladoos runs in the family.

  • Tag yourself as a member of the [your last name] clan: Diwali edition.

  • It only took us 20 tries to capture this sweet moment.

  • What I treasure the most about this pic is the rare moment of silence that occurred while we were taking it.

  • Our official submission for a Bravo reality show about us. Please @BravoAndy?!

  • Not to get messy, but comment below whose Diwali 'fit goes the hardest.

  • The smiles are 100% authentic.

  • Ready for our close-up.

  • No one can make me angrier or laugh harder. Isn’t that beautiful?

  • Do you Diwali as hard as we do? Doubtful.

  • Pictured here: The only explanation for why I am the way I am.

For the sappy throwback posts

  • Been lit, still lit.

  • The most wonderful time of the year, every year.

  • The years may change, but the good times don’t.

  • It’s called tradition for a reason, folks.

  • Can I hear a little commotion for my [insert pic’s year] Diwali look?

  • Hopefully, my phone will get better quality pics this year.

  • A casual reminder that time is fleeting. You're welcome!

  • On my count, everybody say, "Awww.."

  • If only this little girl knew that she'd spend her adult Diwalis making family lipsyncing TikToks.

  • So cute. Still cute. 😇

  • I mean, Diwali's always been my favorite.

  • Tales from Diwalis past…

  • The type of memories that last!

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