Fruits you must have if you're trying to lose weight

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Fruits you must have if you
Fruits you must have if you

12 Oct 2021: Fruits you must have if you're trying to lose weight

It's difficult to stick to a balanced diet when all your favorite sweet treats are easily available during the festive season. However, if you are planning to lose weight, fruits can be your savior as they make you feel full and boost your nutrient intake. Fruits like apples, bananas, guavas, and kiwis offer various benefits and promote healthy weight loss. Let us see how.

Apple: Nothing can ever go wrong with a fruit like apple

Apple is a multitasking fruit as eating it can reduce the risk of several major diseases like cancer, asthma, and diabetes. Apple is also a low-calorie fruit and can easily replace your high-calorie snacks, especially to reduce sweet cravings. It not only helps in weight loss but also protects your brain, strengthens your bones, and is healthy for your heart as well.

Banana: Banana is the best substitute for your dessert treats

If you think bananas can make you fat, you are wrong! Bananas are rich in fiber and provide vital nutrients necessary for maintaining good health. They also contain soluble fiber, pectin, and resistant starch. Just put peanut butter on your banana and spread it, your quick snack is ready. You can have a banana as a dessert if you have a sweet tooth.

Kiwi: Enjoy a kiwi-based smoothie to boost your nutrient intake

Another fruit that makes it to this list is kiwi. Kiwi, being a low-calorie fruit and excellent source of fiber, promotes very healthy weight loss. Do not forget that kiwi also helps your body in breaking down fat molecules and aid in the digestion of proteins. Have a kiwi-based smoothie to enhance your vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, folate, and potassium intake.

Guava: Meet another weight-loss-friendly fruit, guava

Rich in potassium, fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidants, guavas also improve your metabolism. The best property about guava is that it slows down your digestion and makes you feel full for a longer period of time and you can avoid binging on other high-calorie foods. Guavas can simply be eaten plain or with some chat masala that will make them taste tangy and refreshing.

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