Frequent Urination During Pregnancy: What’s Normal And What’s Not?

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With just a few weeks left until you meet your little bundle of joy, you must be navigating through the many challenges of third trimester. Because the fact is that this is perhaps the most uncomfortable phase of your pregnancy journey- both physically and mentally. However, if expecting mums were to choose one pain point during their journey, most would point to frequent urination in pregnancy.

Is Constantly Peeing Normal During Your Third Trimester?

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Sadly, constant urge to pee comes with the territory of pregnancy. As your baby continues to grow in your womb, your body also gradually changes and expands. In your third trimester, you’ll experience more than usual backaches, swelling, and also frequent urination.

It might be strange at first, but worry not for you are not alone.

An anonymous TAP user raised this concern in the Pregnancy section of the community and wrote, “Mummies do you guys waking up constantly to pee in your 3rd trimester? It’s so tiring and sleepy during the next day”.

To reassure the troubled author of the post, other mummies left a comment below to let her know that yes, it is completely normal. Here’s what they had to say on the issue:

  • Most mummies also experienced frequent urination during pregnancy.
    TAP user Mummy X wrote, “hi yes, need to go toilet almost like 3 to 5 times every night during my third trimester…”
    Community member Mama H also wrote that she had already felt the constant urge to pee during her first trimester and said, “I woke up at least twice and max 4 times. Now i’m only on 15 weeks. I guess, it’s normal.”

  • Other mummies assured that while it is inconvenient, the constant need to pee will subside once you give birth.
    You won’t have to bear with frequent peeing any longer as TAP user Umi Maisarah wrote, “it will get over soon after you give birth! hang in there mummy”.
    To add to the topic, user Filzah Begum Shah added, “yes its normal as baby is pushing [down] towards [our] bladder.. once u give birth, will be back to normal”.

frequent urination in pregnancy
frequent urination in pregnancy
  • Mummies also threw caution to let others know about the little discomfort frequent peeing during pregnancy will bring.
    To shed more light on the issue, a TAP community member anonymously commented, “I used to dread having to wake up at night to pee during my pregnancy but looking back, I guess it’s nature’s way of preparing urself for the sleepless night feeds when baby arrives. Not to scare u (if u’re a first time mom) but nothing else is more tiring than the postpartum period!”
    TAP member Ann also shared how difficult it is to get up from bed during her third trimester and wrote, “I’m like that tortoise who fell on its back I need help to get out of the bed.”

frequent urination in pregnancy
frequent urination in pregnancy
  • Despite the inconvenience, constant urination is normal during the third trimester. Some mummies left comments of encouragement and tips for other expecting mums.
    While confirming that this sensation is normal, TAP user Siti Zalinah wrote, “Try to drink more during the day instead.”
    “Bear with it, as long as baby keep growing healthily and steadily all these temporary inconveniences are worth it. Jiayou!!! Stay positive, a happy mama, a healthy baby,” wrote TAP user JT.

frequent urination in pregnancy
frequent urination in pregnancy

What Experts Have To Say About Frequent Urination In Pregnancy

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In what is probably the most crucial part of your pregnancy, the third trimester can bring upon several changes to your body including frequent urination.

WebMD explains that as your baby gets bigger in your womb, their little head may press down to your bladder forcing you to constantly relieve yourself. This would also mean that when you sneeze, cough, laugh, bend or lift objects, you’ll find yourself leaking a bit of urine.

If you’re going through the same, you can consider using panty liners to deal with the leakage, as suggested by Mayo Clinic. It was also advised that you immediately contact your healthcare provider if you find yourself suddenly leaking amniotic fluid.

The Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) also raised the importance of a urine test to avoid developing a urinary tract infection during your pregnancy.

At the end of the day, this is not a cause for worry, but more a discomfort. But remember to contact a doctor if you also experience any pain or burning sensation while peeing.


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