French Cleats Make Hanging Large Artwork So Much Easier

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Hanging a large piece of art isn’t as simple as putting a nail or two in the wall. If you want to ensure you don’t ruin your wall or new artwork, showcase the piece using French cleats. The best part? They’re pretty user-friendly—the most intimidating part is gathering all of the materials. To make sure you get it right the first time, we’ve laid out all of the steps you need to effectively use french cleats. You’ll be able to admire your art on the wall—and have peace of mind knowing it won’t fall—in no time!

Before you get started, make sure you’re okay with drilling screws into the item you plan to hang. If your item is too fragile or you don’t like the idea of drilling into it, this method might not be for you.


How to Use French Cleats:

  1. Mark and measure the center of the back of the item you want to hang.

  2. Using the center mark as a guide, mark a level line to depict the location of the top of the cleat.

  3. Mount the cleat to the back of the item using ½-inch screws.

  4. Mark a level line on the wall where you’d like to hang the item.

  5. Drill pilot holes and hammer in wall anchors.

  6. Install another cleat to the wall using 1-inch screws.

  7. Place self-adhesive rubber bumpers on the back corners of the item to hold it away from the wall. This will also prevent any marks on your wall from the item.

  8. Place the item flush against the wall, slightly above the wall cleat, and slide it down to interlock the two cleats.

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