Freelance Tutor Coerced Minor Boys Into Doing Sexual Acts With Him

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While seeking other men on social media applications, a tutor admits to meeting up instead with a 13-year-old on Grindr and getting a 15-year-old boy into “experimenting” sexual activities with him.

On Monday (15 March), the freelance tutor pleaded guilty to four counts of sexual penetration of a minor while another 14 charges against him will be considered in sentencing. The charges also include the sexual exploitation of youths.

Tutor Persuades Younger Boys Into Doing Sexual Acts With Him

sexual activities
sexual activities

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Chock Soon Seng used various social media applications including Grindr and Locanto back in 2016 in order to meet up with other men for sexual activities. He would arrange meetings with these men, then periodically delete their chat logs.

The court heard that Chock taught Mandarin to Primary 5 up to Secondary 4 students as a freelance tutor during that time.

What Happened With The First Victim

It was then in April 2018, when Chock moved on to a minor aged 13-years-old who he had encountered on Grindr.

After the 13-year-old victim told Chock that he was a Primary 6 student, the tutor then requested that they meet up for sexual activities. In agreement that they would do sexual acts to each other excluding anal sex, the pair met up on 15 April, 2018.

Chock engaged in sexual activities with the young boy on a staircase landing at a multi-storey car park located in Hougang. Afterwards, the boy deleted their Instagram conversation after Chock instructed him to do so.

Their sexual activities continued as Chock persuaded the victim to meet up again on 17 April, 2018, after school. They once again engaged in sexual acts in a toilet at Punggol Community Club while the boy was still in his school uniform.

According to the prosecutors, the victim then felt annoyed at Chock after he asked the boy for Higher Chinese test papers during their first meet-up and ended up blocking the tutor after their second meeting.

What Happened With The Second Victim

Chock began to prey on a 15-year-old next who posted an advertisement online on Locanto saying he was looking for women. He responded to the minor’s ad and they began texting each other.

But while the boy told him that he was not homosexual, Chock still persuaded the teen to experiment and had told him it was “normal for straight men to perform sexual acts on each other.” Chock even offered to pay the boy while making no attempts to verify the victim’s age.

The teen eventually agreed to meet up with him after persistent persuasion and Chock went to the boy’s home on 23 April, 2018. They engaged in sexual acts but Deputy Public Prosecutor, Chong Yong, said the boy was not aroused and did not respond to Chock’s advances.

Chock gave the boy cash which was less than what they discussed and left. Even after their encounter, Chock continued to pester the boy to meet up again with him for sexual activities. He promised the teen cash again and when the boy would say he wasn’t interested, Chock would persuade him by saying his feelings would change.

The pair met again the following month and Chock made the teen engage in sex acts on him. But when he tried to reciprocate the acts on the teen, the boy remained unaroused.

When they were done, Chock gave him the money which was once again less than they had agreed on before leaving. The boy then started to ignore Chock and blocked him.

sexual activities
sexual activities

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The First Victim’s Mother Discovers The Sexual Offences

To her shocking discovery of sex-related conversations on her son’s phone, the first victim’s mother contacted his school seeking help. The school then advised her to report to the police with which the offences came to light.

Deputy Public Prosecutor, Chin Jincheng, told the court that Chock also had previous brushes with the law. In 2010, he was convicted of procuring obscene or indecent acts around a child or young person. Then in 2014, he was convicted of sexual penetration of a minor along with other acts.

As Chock was found to have a moderate risk of reoffending and showed no remorse while engaging in such indecent offences, Mr Chin asked for a corrective training report for the tutor.

The judge then called for corrective training as well as preventive detention reports and adjourned sentencing to the following month.

Talking To Your Child About Good Touch And Bad Touch

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Sexual abuse can be a difficult topic to discuss with your child or even with anyone. The C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health has even found that there are parents who delay talking about indecent acts and inappropriate touching with their kids.

While we do want to protect our kids from sexual predators and wonder whether the conversation about sex would be too early at their age, we should still ensure that they know enough to prevent themselves from experiencing sexual abuse. In addition to how they can respond to it if ever there are any attempts.

1. Teach them about “body safety.” Let your child know that their bodies are something that need to be protected.

2. Let them know the proper words for body parts. The earlier they are familiar with the proper names for their anatomy, the less they would feel embarrassed to talk about certain body parts.

3. Make sure they know the difference between a good touch from a bad one. You can teach them that a bad touch is when you feel uncomfortable or scared and that they must immediately seek help and report that person to somebody they trust.

4. Be open to talking about it. You want your child to rely on you in such conversations to continue to talk about it with them so that they can learn more about body safety.

5. Be a good role model. Treat everybody around you with respect and if you see anybody misbehaving, teach your child how to act in that situation–whether it be helping the other person or reporting them up.


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