‘Free Solo’ Climber Alex Honnold Successfully Summits One of World’s Tallest Monoliths for Disney+

Climber Alex Honnold is continuing to break records. The “Free Solo” star recently made the first known ascent of Ingmikortilaq, one of the tallest rock faces in the world.

Honnold summited the rock on Tuesday with elite climber Hazel Findlay after a five-day climb that included some severe icy weather conditions, according to NatGeo. The climb was filmed for his upcoming Disney+ National Geographic series “On the Edge With Alex Honnold.”

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Ingmikortilaq is a 3,750-foot, 3-million-year-old monolith that rises directly from the Nordvestfjord in Greenland, meaning that Honnold and Findlay had to approach ocean-up style. This means they had to begin their climb from a dingy in the water that they’d rowed from a nearby basecamp on land.

One of Honnold’s previous groundbreaking climbs was chronicled in the 2018 film “Free Solo.” The documentary followed Honnold as he scaled El Capitan in Yosemite National Park without a rope. His Ingmikortilaq summit is about 750 feet taller than the El Capitan climb.

“Free Solo” also follows Honnold in his personal life trying to maintain a healthy relationship while pursuing an inherently dangerous lifestyle, as well as the cameramen tasked with trying to film what is a life-threatening endeavor every time Honnold goes out for a climb.

The film won an Oscar for Best Documentary Picture. It also set a box office record by breaking the best per screen average for a documentary and was among the best per screen average movies at the box office in 2018.

“On the Edge With Alex Honnold” will stream on Disney+, but a release date has yet to be announced. The series is produced by Plimsoll Productions for National Geographic.

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