Free lunch buffet for your little ones at Carousel these June holidays

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It’s the month of June, where school children let their hair down and parents find themselves planning activities to do with them. Here’s something to consider— Kids aged  11 and below can now dine for free with each paying adult on weekends for lunch at Carousel restaurant’s buffet line located at Royal Plaza On Scotts!

carousel - seafood counter
Credit – Royal Plaza On Scotts

Known for their wide variety of seafood, Carousel serves up to seven varieties of seafood during lunch at their lavish buffet spread— includes Boston lobster claws, scallops, prawns, green mussels, black mussels, Australian clams and poached salmon.

carousel - pizza
Credit – Royal Plaza On Scotts

If seafood doesn’t suit your little ones, don’t worry! Carousel offers other delicious food choices — pizzas, pastas cooked at live stations, naan, laksa and roast beef, just to name a few.

carousel - ice cream counter
Credit – Royal Plaza On Scotts

To satisfy all the sweet-toothed kids, there’s also an array of desserts up for grabs with their three dessert counters. Carousel’s ice cream is made in-house and has a total of six flavours available (in rotation). Indulge in their mango yoghurt, raspberry sorbet, vanilla, soy milk bandung, Thai milk tea and coriander (parents might prefer this). The ice cream counter comes with five condiments such as rainbow sprinkles and marshmallows.

carousel - little girl
Credit – Royal Plaza On Scotts

There are also two flavoured chocolate fountains (chocolate and green tea) there for your kids to have fun skewering fruits and mini cakes, and dunking them into the luscious sauce. Carousel‘s signature bread and butter pudding, chocolate lava pudding, creme brulee and local dessert like green bean soup are just some of the many choices of sweet endings you can have after  your lunch feast.

Head on down to Carousel together with your kids to enjoy the lunch feast together as a family these  June holidays.

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