Fred Cheng wants to marry at 40

13 Nov – Turning 36 on 10 November, Fred Cheng said that his only wish for his birthday was to be happy and healthy enough to continue doing his job well.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who held his birthday event with members of his fan club on 11 November, stated that he would return to filming next year with a new drama, three years after "Provocateur".

Asked if his birthday wishes do not include "major events" in life, i.e. marriage, he smiled and said, "There is no such a plan for now. That's a thing to come, but when exactly is unknown. I hope to do so when I am 40."

As to whether girlfriend Stephanie Ho should be freezing her eggs since it would be four more years before Fred is ready to settle down, he responded, "No, she is still young. I may have some trouble, but as long as I keep a healthy living and exercise, it would be okay."

In a previous interview, 27-year-old Stephanie stated that both she and Fred have an agreement when it comes to marriage.

(Photo Source: Fred Cheng Instagram)