Frankie Lam sings praises for Priscilla Wong

13 Jul – Frankie Lam is singing praises for his co-star and leading lady Priscilla Wong for a job well done on their drama, "Life After Death".

As reported on Mingpao, the actor who spoke about his collaboration with the TVB actress, stated that he recently met with two directors who both praised Priscilla's interpretation of her character and the great progress to her performance.

"When I was filming the drama with her, I saw how much effort she gave to her role. I also have requirements for myself. She really has shown her worth," he added.

To that, Priscilla shared that she decided not to put any pressure on herself when it comes to her performance.

"The criticism will never disappear, so I will continue to work hard to improve myself," she added.

Frankie also stated that he would like for the cast and crew to have a dinner gathering to watch the finale together for the last time.

(Photo Source: Frankie Lam Instagram)