'iPad mum' Frankie Bridge sparks debate by sharing candid photo of family meal out

Caroline Allen
·2-min read
Frankie Bridge, photographed here in 2018, has sparked an iPad debate. (Getty Images)
Frankie Bridge, photographed here in 2018, has sparked an iPad debate. (Getty Images)

Former The Saturdays band member Frankie Bridge, 31, has sparked a debate amongst parents after sharing a photograph of herself and her two boys, Parker, six, and Carter, five.

The photo - captioned “the reality of dinner out with the kids” - shows Bridge enjoying a cocktail while both Parker and Carter sit next to her on their iPads.

“I’ll admit it...I’m an iPad Mum. Swore I never would be...but here we are... the boys are happy...we’re happy... we’re all happy!!! Cheers! and Bon apetite [sic],” she wrote.

iPads at the dinner table are hotly debated amongst parents, and people were quick to question Bridge’s choice to allow her children to use them.

Bridge’s honest take on the realities of parenting is usually met with enthusiasm and whilst many people agreed that a chilled out dinner was preferred, others weren’t keen on the use of the gadgets at the dinner table.

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One popular comment read: “Thank you for posting real life pictures that make the rest of us see we’re not failing or useless parents.”

Many shared their mum guilt about being an “iPad mum” during lockdown due to working from home, with one admitting: “I’m constantly feeling guilty of not being able to spend that quality time with my children and feel that the iPad is more of a parent than I am.

“It’s such an overwhelming feeling of guilt, but so nice when you know you’re not the only parent that has to take this way of life well and truly on the chin.”

Others were not on board with this, with one woman even questioning Bridge’s children’s language development skills if they’re not talked to at the dinner table.

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In most cases, parents agreed that they never thought they’d be an “iPad mum” until they had children and realised how essential they are for a peaceful meal.

“I think every parent is secretly like this,” one woman admitted.

“Aren’t we all iPad mums?” Another questioned.

Some fell somewhere in the middle, admitting that they take their iPads out for meals as a “just in case” measure, but try to keep children entertained with card games and colouring books before whipping out the trusty iPad.

It’s a fine balance and most parents seem to fall firmly on either side of the fence.