Francis Ng dismisses rumours of extramarital affairs

22 Jun –Hong Kong actor Francis Ng has recently dismissed recent reports about him cheating on his wife with another woman.

As reported on Mingpao, tabloids recently published several photos of the actor coming out of a karaoke place, and claimed that he was seen at the KTV acting chummy with a mystery woman.

In response to the reports, Francis' manager shared the article and wrote, "Hello everyone. This is not a personal reply. But please refer to the first paragraph of Article 246 of the Criminal Law. We will tell you who the person in the photo is after more than 500 shares."

Francis also forwarded the message, and urged his fans to do the same.

The actor's camp had since addressed the allegations, saying that Francis was at the KTV with his entourage and the people working on the production of his new movie, adding that the event was held back in May.

According to his rep, the said woman in the photo is nothing more than one of the employees of the studio, and that the party was also attended by other familiar faces including Francis' manager, assistants and stylists.

The studio also pointed out that there were two vehicles at the time, and Francis took one car with his managers, while the woman in question had taken a different vehicle.

(Photo Source: Francis Ng Weibo)