France suspects Russia behind Star of David tagging of hundreds of Paris buildings

Stars of David on buildings in Paris
Stars of David on buildings in Paris

French investigators suspect that Russia may be behind the tagging of buildings in Paris with the Star of David in an attempt to destabilize the situation in the country, Franceinfo wrote on Nov. 7, citing an anonymous source.

The Star of David is a widely recognized symbol of Judaism.

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Two Moldovan citizens arrested for painting blue Stars of David on the facades of buildings in the middle of the night confessed that they were paid "a small amount of money" by a Russian to do it. They were placed in a temporary detention center after the prosecutor quickly closed the case and ordered their deportation.

More than 200 similar signs have since been discovered in southern Paris. Two other suspects were arrested and "quickly left France".

France is investigating the case as "a destabilization attempt by Moscow.”

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About 60 Stars of David were painted on apartment blocks and other buildings in Paris by unknown persons on Oct. 31.

German police investigated four Star of David tags painted on buildings in Berlin on Oct. 13 and 14.

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