Fox News’ Jessica Tarlov Argues Keith Olbermann Doesn’t Speak for All Democrats in Fiery Standoff With Jeanine Pirro | Video

On Tuesday’s “The Five,” cohosts Jessica Tarlov and Jeanine Pirro briefly went head to head in a spicy exchange about Keith Olbermann’s call to dissolve the Supreme Court on Monday, with Tarlov ultimately arguing that the divisive political commentator does not speak for the Democratic Party.

The conversation began when cohost Jesse Watters said, among other things, that Olbermann “wants to dissolve the court like he dissolved his own career.”

“Keith Olbermann does not speak for the party!” Tarlov responded.

Cohost Dana Perino then yelled out, “Now he does!” before Tarlov took a breath and said, “OK. And Michael Moore does, too, and we don’t see him until every four years and then he comes out and says terrible things about Democrats and then he disappears and then he comes out again.”

Tarlov’s comment was in reference to Olbermann’s Monday tweets in which he called for the dissolution of SCOTUS, wring, “If the political whores on the court are overruling quite explicit language in the constitution to benefit one politician, your ‘separation of powers’ died long ago.”

“What I’m confused about, and I have been consistent about this — roll the tape — I want Trump on the ballot because you want it to be as Democratic as possible. That doesn’t mean necessarily that the Colorado Supreme Court didn’t have a case, right, to consider that their ruling doesn’t mean anything,” she added.

Tarlov continued, “I obviously want people to –” before she stopped and looked toward Pirro, who made a sound. “Clearly, there are people who disagree with that,” Tarlov added before the group began to speak over one another.

“Well, they had a bench trial,” Tarlov said as Pirro audibly replied, “OK.” Tarlov paused and then continued, “I understand that the Supreme Court is the highest court in the land, I’m just saying that there was a bench trial, and then it went to the Supreme Court in Colorado. It was a 4-3 decision there, it wasn’t like an unanimous — anyway.”

“What Jamie Raskin is doing is what the justices asked him to do. They said this is Congress, that makes the decision, so that is what is going to happen. And this argument that Democrats are relying on the courts to win is so bizarre to me considering what happened in 2020,” Tarlov continued, getting impassioned. “And I hate to rehash — I don’t really hate to rehash, I love to rehash this. Donald Trump called for recounts everywhere, he got his recounts, and he continued to –“

“So did Raskin, so did Gore,” Pirro interrupted.

“Stop it! They are not comparable!” Tarlov fired back, before Pirro added, “So did a lot of Democrats.”

“You’re telling me that what Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell and everyone else did,” Tarlov said as Pirro interjected and the group began to speak over one another again. Pirro then said, “You may hate them.”

“You may hate them,” Tarlov continued as cohost Bill Hemmer attempted to reroute the conversation. Tarlov was also heard saying, “It’s about disenfranchising voters.”

Ultimately, Hemmer allowed Pirro to have the final word. She said, “The court just said that Congress has the power to do this,” to which Tarlov quickly asked, “Is Jamie Raskin not in Congress?”

Pirro continued, “We know we can’t even get it out of committee. But in addition to that, Section 3 was drafted to ensure an enduring union, not to separate us. And they still need to have the ability to decide whether or not there’s been an insurrection. Donald Trump has never been charged nor convicted of insurrection, so we’re going to do two things, neither of which will happen before this thing can even be an issue.”

Watch the exchange in the video above.

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