Fox News’ Jesse Watters Says He Would Like to See Aaron Rodgers as RFK Jr.’s Running Mate: ‘He Needs Sizzle’ | Video

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is considering New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers to be his running mate, a move that Fox News’ Jesse Watters supported on Wednesday, saying that the athlete would bring added “sizzle” to the independent politician’s presidential campaign.

The New York Times reported that Rodgers, who is as strongly opposed to vaccines as Kennedy, is on the veep shortlist, along with wrestler-turned-governor Jesse Ventura.

Watters speculated that the Jets might not be willing to lose Rodgers.

“That might not be allowed in his contract, so I’m not sure it’s Aaron Rodgers, although I’d like to see him on the ticket,” Watters said on “The Five.”

“It’s going to be someone flashy. The shortlist is a lot of sizzle and [Kennedy] needs sizzle. I mean, he needs someone to kind of juice up that ticket and make it a celebrity-esque ticket, someone outside the box who has an independent streak,” Watters said.

Cohost Harold Ford added, “Maybe Aaron Rodgers has a patriotism exception in his contract. It’s funny, because he has not made any comments about whether he can or cannot [run for office].”

Ford noted that Jets owner Woody Johnson, who is a former ambassador to the United Kingdom, has also not commented publicly on the possibility of Rodgers exiting the team for politics — however unlikely.

Kennedy is married to “Curb Your Enthusiasm” star Cheryl Hines and has been endorsed by celebs including Woody Harrelson. But other stars, including Martin Sheen and Dionne Warwick, have strongly denied they were supporting the controversial candidate after false reports they would be guests at one of his fundraisers.

Kennedy’s own famous family has also gone out of their way to announce they not only do not approve of him, but that his campaign is “dangerous to our country.”

Kennedy will reveal his final choice in Oakland, California on March 26, according to the New York Times.

Rodgers has created his own controversy by purposefully misleading the media about his COVID vaccination status in 2022 and, earlier this year, suggesting that Jimmy Kimmel would be among those linked to the late sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein before the list was revealed in January.

Watch the full “The Five” segment in the video above.

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