Fox News host blasts Trump’s courtroom sketch: ‘A travesty’

Fox News host Kayleigh McEnany has said that Donald Trump needed a “better sketch artist” when he took the stand in his $250m New York civil fraud trial – slamming the depiction of the former president as “a travesty”.

During Fox News’ The Five on Monday night, Ms McEnany was asked if she had advice for her former boss amid the court case which threatens to topple his business empire.

Ms McEnany, who worked as White House press secretary in the Trump administration, went on to complain about the courtroom sketch of the former president on the stand.

“Keep doing what he’s doing,” she said.

“Look, I would advise him to ask for a better sketch artist, because I think that does not look like my former boss,” she said, laughing.

The Fox News host went on to criticise New York Attorney General Letitia James – who brought the case against Mr Trump and his organisation – and Judge Arthur Engoron – who is presiding over the case.

“I would just simply say this, Letitia James to call someone a conman, and a carnival barker, then get elected then bring this case, then have a judge who says ‘no I’m not here to hear what President Trump has to say’. You’re the judge, you have to listen to what the defendant says,” she said.

“This is a travesty of justice – and that sketch is a travesty too,” she added.

“It looks nothing like Trump.”

Donald Trump depicted in courtroom sketch (AP)
Donald Trump depicted in courtroom sketch (AP)

Ms McEnany’s co-hosts appeared to disagree however.

“I dunno,” co-host Greg Gutfeld responded.

“His hands are quite sizable,” he laughed, in reference to the ongoing debate over the size of Mr Trump’s hands.

In a historic moment for America, Mr Trump took the stand in his civil fraud trial in New York on Monday to give testimony under oath.

New York AG James filed a civil lawsuit back in September 2022 accusing Mr Trump, his adult sons Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump, the Trump Organization and several executives of widespread business fraud including overinflating the company’s value for years.

Mr Trump has already been found liable for fraud – in a bombshell ruling from the judge just days before the case was headed to trial.

Judge Engoron ruled that Mr Trump, his adult sons, businesses and some of their executives “grossly and materially inflated” the value of the Trump Organization’s assets for more than a decade.

By deceiving banks, insurers and others by exaggerating the value of assets, the company was able to secure more favourable business deals and loans, the judge found.

Now, the judge will determine what penalties Mr Trump should face.

AG James is seeking $250m in penalties from Mr Trump and for him to be banned from doing business in New York – something that would be a major blow to his business empire and see his namesake buildings like Trump Tower shutter.

During his testimony, Mr Trump repeatedly lashed out at AG James and the judge himself.

Another courtroom sketch of Donald Trump testifying on stand (REUTERS)
Another courtroom sketch of Donald Trump testifying on stand (REUTERS)

After repeated warnings to answer the questions rather than launch into monologues hitting out at the case, the judge warned the former president’s legal team to “control your client”.

“I do not want to hear everything this witness has to say. He has a lot to say that has nothing to do with the case or the questions,” he said at one point, warning Mr Trump to stop using the courtroom as a “political rally”.

Amid his claims that he had been targeted for “political reasons”, Mr Trump told the court that he believes Mar-a-Lago is worth between $1bn and $5bn – grossly higher than the $350m estimate by Forbes.

He also downplayed the fraudulent financial statements which inflated his business assets – statements at the heart of the case – as “worthless” while also downplaying his involvement in them.

His testimony came days after his adult sons Eric and Don Jr testified last week.

His daughter Ivanka Trump is slated to appear for testimony in court on Wednesday – hours before the third Republican primary debate.