The Founder of CK Academy: Kyl Jay

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Kyl Jay is an expert trader with more than a year of experience in trading stocks, forex, etc.. He is also the founder of a huge trading community CK Academy, an institute that helps people discover the power of compound investing. CK Academy was established in 2019 when Kyl discovered huge investment opportunities in the trading space.

As the pandemic hit Kyl was forced to sit at home, he began to test the waters within the trading space. He spent 12 months mastering trading and investing in new projects. In 2020 & within only 12 months, he was able to scale his trading business from $20,000 to a huge $10 million.

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Kyl says “I had never seen that sort of growth from my other ventures in such a short period. These results really inspired me to turn around and foster a community of fellow traders.”

The vision for CK Academy is to set out to become the #1 community within the Trading Industry. “We want to help thousands of people become financially stable and ultimately financially-free” says Kyl.

It didn’t take long for this community to grow into a strong group of aspiring traders and investors seeking opportunities in trading, all with the same goal of financial freedom.

Kyl talks about his vision for CK Academy “My primary goal is to help the everyday person see the power of investing in the technical trading space. In the future, the leaders that would have manifested from CK Academy will take charge. I’m extremely confident that the students today will be the leaders of tomorrow. I believe over the next couple of years, and this community will be massive. We will help others find success in trading”.

Kyl talks about what success means to him. “Consistency is key in this business. I am playing my own game. I am in the business of just helping as many people that I can. So, whether it’s $500 or $5 million, it makes me no difference. I am still doing what I set out to do and help more and more people on their path. This is the main factor behind the creation of CK Academy, a community filled with like-minded people who help each other on their journey along with my guidance to help them reach their goal faster.” Any one can reach out to him on @kyljay, his official Instagram channel, he is very active and responsive to his followers.

He concluded with: “I achieved everything by putting constant hours and energy into learning this space for my first year, I cut myself off from the world. That meant no partying, no social gatherings, nothing. All I did was spend every second of every day learning about the trading space, and it paid off handsomely. Success doesn’t come easy, but when it comes, believe me, it will be worth every bit.

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