Former TVB Executive denies favouritism in the company

26 Mar – Former TVB Executive Ho Li Chuen has recently expressed unawareness about the recent controversy surrounding former TVB actress and beauty queen Patricia Liu.

As reported on Mingpao, earlier, tabloids claimed that the former actress has been heard making claims about Ho and fellow former TVB executive Stephen Chan playing favourites to certain artistes and only promoting those who would curry favour with them.

She also reportedly called out these brown-nosing artistes by name, saying that stars like Amigo Chui, Sharon Chan, and Natalie Tong were among the perpetrators.

However, when asked about it recently, Ho, who is currently the Chief Executive Officer of ATV Digital Media, stated that he didn't read the articles and has no basic understanding of the matter.

"I met [Patricia] when she came back from the United States a few years ago, and we had a talk about working together. It's just that I haven't found anything suitable for her right now," he said.

Ho also believed that the whole story was a lie, and that he would not make further comments about it.

He also dismissed the idea of TVB executives favouring one artiste over the other.

"The company had a lot of rules and regulations, so there's no way of abusing power and using them for personal gain. There are too many artistes in the company, and you can only become successful through hard work," he added.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)

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