Former Mediacorp actress Apple Hong marries at age 39

Gabriel Choo
Ex-Mediacorp actress Apple Hong got married at 39. (Photo: Apple Hong / Facebook)

Former Mediacorp actress Apple Hong managed to keep her wedding under wraps for a week until she announced on Wednesday (18 October), that she had gotten married last week.

Hong, 39, who got engaged to her mystery beau back in 2015, would only reveal that her Singaporean businessman husband is a “very private person”, according to local media reports. The pair met at a work event and dated for 10 years before getting married.

The wedding took place on 10 October at 10am. In an interview with Toggle, Hong explained that she chose to register her marriage with as many of the number ’10’ as she could, as the auspicious digits 10.10 translates to ‘perfect’ in Chinese and signifies a blissful union.

The Malaysian-born actress also let on that she had earlier held a simple private ceremony in her hometown of Kuala Lumpur on 30 September this year, only inviting around 50 close family members and friends.

“I didn’t really post about it as I wanted it to be a simple affair. I have my own ways to keep it a secret!” she shared, adding that the couple is ‘not in any rush to have children and plan to let nature take its course’.

Hong last starred in Channel 8 drama “The Queen”, in which she acted alongside the likes of Jesseca Liu, Jayley Woo, Vivian Lai and Priscelia Chan. She will be appearing in upcoming Chinese play ‘Sole Mate’, which runs at the Victoria Theatre on 8 and 9 December.

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