'I Not Stupid' star Joshua Ang is going to be a father

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    nothing to post? my goodness
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    Hey Yahoo! Better send your personnel for upskill training. Make use of the government's $500 grant.

    This kind of development deserve a mention? Either he or she knows someone in Yahoo? Perhaps CPIB should investigate.
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    Fish and Vegetables
    My neighbour's son's daughter's maid's auntie's nephew's dog's cat's spider is about to give birth too.
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    another problem is all these self proclaiming statements - I want to spend my life with you lah, the best is yet to be lah ..... knnn after 7 years later then divorce and sorts - best don't say for the sake of saying.
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    shotgun also proclaimed to whole world. Although nothing wrong with shotgun or hand gun or anti aircraft gun also lah. But need to publicize meh, waiting for sponsors like milk powder, diaper, etc etc ah?
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    OMG...time really pass fast....was just a young cute boy and now a married man..Congrats...
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    The world is on the edge of WW3, and this tops the news in Singapore.
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    teck hing
    who is the father?
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    This guy had put on a lot of weight since his acting days. Almost unrecognizable. Congrats to him on the happy occasion.