Forget Botox and face lifts, TikTok has all the makeup hacks you need

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These TikTok makeup hacks could help people confront their complexes without going under the knife.

Looking for a way of tackling fine lines and wrinkles without going under the knife? TikTok might have the answer. The social network popular with teens is brimming with tips and tricks to help deal with the signs of aging, to plump up lips or get luscious lashes with no need for surgery or other procedures. Here's a look at some of the social network's top makeup hacks.

If you think hyaluronic acid injections are the only way of fighting the visible signs of aging, then you're obviously not hanging out on social media. Because, when it comes to beauty, everything's possible on TikTok! The social network is brimming with surprising ideas -- from the eccentric to the innovative -- for a rejuvenating makeover and for tackling the pesky little complexes that can be the bane of our lives, all without having to spend a fortune on surgery.

"Face-lifting" makeup

You might have already heard of the "face-lifting" makeup hack, a makeup technique that aims to take years off your face using just concealer. Yes, that's right, concealer. While the trend caused a sensation on TikTok back in February, it was in 2020 that the influencer Megha Singh shared a tutorial on how to give yourself a DIY makeup face lift in just a few minutes.

The young American TikToker, who has over 110,000 followers worldwide, applies concealer to the inner and outer corners of her eye, as well as underneath, then at the corners of her lips, the sides of her nose, and just above her cheekbones -- making sure the look has some texture -- before blending it all in with a Beauty Blender sponge. This can then be followed by classic contouring. It's a simple hack that has been watched hundreds of thousands of times on the social network, and which has won over many people around the world.

Lip wings

Plumping up lips without using Botox? That's another thing made possible thanks to the creativity of TikTokers around the world. Lip wings (PLATFORM) take inspiration from the Bratz dolls that were popular in the 2000s -- more precisely, their full lips and perfectly outlined pouts. It's an ideal technique for anyone who doesn't want to resort to injections, or for a temporary result for a day or a particular occasion.

The lip wings technique is similar to overlining, but takes things one step further for an extra plumped effect. Just grab a lip pencil that's darker than your natural lip color, and start by drawing quite a thick line around the contour of your lips. When you get to the corners, draw little wings -- as if doing cat eye flicks -- before bending the pencil line with a brush, although not all influencers bother with that step. Finally, fill in with gloss or lipstick.

XXL lashes

It seems like there's a thousand and one ways of applying mascara, but are they all effective? Not according to famous makeup artist Criss Scortezz, who used TikTok to unveil a mascara method that could prove life changing -- no exaggeration! -- for many women. He promises a foolproof technique for full-looking, voluminous lashes with no need for extensions of permanent makeup.

It doesn't matter what kind of mascara you use, the trick here is to backcomb lashes in a downwards movement towards the root, curling up the lashes as a first step. Then, apply another coat of mascara in a more classic way, zigzagging root to tip. And the result looks particularly effective, leaving the makeup artist's lashes looking full and long, with not a clump in sight.

Christelle Pellissier