Football Manager 2024 scores an unsurprising November release date

 Key art for Football Manager 2024.
Key art for Football Manager 2024.

To the surprise of no one, it’s been officially confirmed that Football Manager 2024 will be released in November - on Monday, November 6, to be exact.

Considering that out of the Football Manager series’ other 19 releases, the vast majority have been released in November, I don’t think that anyone was expecting anything drastically different to happen this time around. However, this is a notable release, with it being the 20th installment, which, in a series first, also happens to be launching in Japan.

“Having seen FM23 hit the incredible, record-breaking milestone of six million players last month, I’m proud to be confirming today the release of Football Manager 2024,” Sports Interactive’s studio director, Miles Jacobson, said in a statement published today. “FM24 is the 20th game in the Football Manager series and it’s a love letter to football. It’s the closing of this chapter of our history and the most complete version we’ve ever produced. Having been part of the SEGA family for two decades, the whole team is thrilled to be releasing in Japan and including Japanese language for the first time.”

It’s been confirmed that Football Manager 2024 Mobile will be launching exclusively via Netflix Games. This means that prospective players will need an active Netflix membership in order to be able to play the mobile version.

Additionally, Football Manager 2024 will allow players to transfer their career progress from Football Manager 2023, which means if you’ve poured a load of hours into last year’s release, you don’t have to start from scratch. However, the ability to transfer to the mobile version of FM24 isn’t currently an option.

If you can’t wait to dive in, an early access period for Football Manager 2024 will take place around two weeks prior to the main November 6 release date, but only for those who pre-order via Steam or the Epic Games Store. Be sure to keep that in mind when deciding which platform to play on.

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