FoodTok: Internet foodies go wild for ricotta toast

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The latest food trend taking TikTok by storm is ricotta toast.

Ricotta toast is the latest food trend taking social network TikTok by storm. Forget the ubiquitous avocado toast, as this cheese-on-toast concoction is where it's at on social media right now. The singer Lizzo is even nearing two million likes for her ricotta toast video. And internet users the world over are having fun trying out the recipe for themselves.

Avocado toast has been relegated to oblivion ever since TikTok went wild for a new kind of toast: ricotta toast. Top-notch cheffing skills at the ready! First, take a piece of bread, then toast it. Purists will use the oven, anyone else can reach for the toaster, it's your call. Then, remove the slice without burning your fingers. Next, take a knife, take some ricotta, and spread.

So, is that it? Well, not quite. Next, you need to add some kind of tasty garnish, such as a handful of seasonal vegetables like tomatoes. The more adventurous among you can go wild with grilled eggplants (and do we really need to remind you to watch your fingers when taking them out of the oven?).

The singer Lizzo, who has 17 million TikTok followers, counts nearly two million likes for this video where she browns the bread in a pan with olive oil before topping her ricotta toast with arugula. Some TikTokers even revisit the recipe in a sweet version with raspberries and strawberries. Time to get toasting!

Mylène Bertaux

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