FOOD REVIEW: Michelin-starred rice noodle?! Here's what this Hongkong chain's mixian is about

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Noodle soup in its various forms is an unmissable meal staple of many Asian cultures. From ban mian to ramen, mee soto to pho, and even bachormee to boat noodle, it will be difficult to not find fans of any of these variations of soul-warming goodness.

New to Singapore's noodle scene is mixian (rice noodles), a type of rice noodle that originated from Yunnan, China. Made from non-glutinous rice, mixian looks exactly like what we call "thick beehoon" here, but it is firmer in texture and does not soak up broths like the former.

TamJai SamGor, a noodle chain from Hong Kong that once got a Michelin bib for it Yunnan-style mixian with customisable toppings, is now in Singapore. The Yummy! crew head down to try the noodle, along with a Hong Kong native!

First Impressions

Mixian in Hot & Numbing Soup
Mixian in Hot & Numbing Soup

The menu is extensively customisable. Select from six types of broth, 25 ingredients and 10 spiciness level to create a bowl that's exactly suited to your own palate. We went for the mixian with Hot & Numbing Soup and the Charred Pepper & Spices Soup for this tasting.

Our Hongkong friend recommended the Sotong Balls, Bamboo Fungus and Pork Liver, which went into our orders. Each bowl comes with a generous serving of doumiao, plus a pickled vegetable and a spicy meat paste on the side.

In case you're thinking of going a little crazy on the ingredients, note that the portions are incredibly generous, and two regular eaters can easily share a single bowl of mixian.

Taste Test

Hunan Cumin Chicken Wings (Photo: Tamjai Samgor)
Hunan Cumin Chicken Wings (Photo: Tamjai Samgor)

We tried the Hunan Cumin Chicken Wings, Sliced Pork Belly with Mashed Garlic and the Black Fungus with Tamjai Samgor's house marinade. Check out the video for our reactions!


The mixian is a hearty bowl of noodle soup that’s perfect for rainy days. Go and try it with a huge appetite and a healthy recognition of your own spice tolerance!

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