"Flying Tiger 2" characters will have new developments

8 Nov – Although "Flying Tiger 2" is a sequel to the hit early 2018 online drama, the original cast of the series stated that there will be some new developments to their characters.

As reported on Mingpao, lead actor Michael Miu, who appeared alongside Bosco Wong and Ron Ng at the press conference of the said drama recently, shared that unlike his character Yu Hong who was the Superintendent of the OCTB, he is now promoted as the commander of the covert operations.

Meanwhile, Ron Ng revealed that Bosco, Michael and himself are three officers of different departments who will cooperate to solve a case together.

"My character will no longer be the impulsive guy that he was before," he said.

As for Bosco, the actor stated that he will have more scenes with Hollywood actor Lee Pace, who will be playing a villain in the drama. The actor joked that he was already stressed out by the amount of English lines he will have to utter in the drama.

Michael shared that the sequel will have a different storyline altogether. In the drama, Michael's character, who is now the commander of the Hong Kong Police Force's Special Duties Unit, has been asked to set up an "A Team", which includes operations leader (Bosco Wong), investigations leader (Ron Ng), and the team leader of intelligence (new cast member Kenneth Ma).

(Photo Source: Bosco Wong Instagram)