How flying rules impact this flight attendant’s morning routine

New York City-based flight attendant and travel blogger Victoria Gonzales (@vicksadventure) only needs 15 minutes to eat breakfast, pack a suitcase and get ready every morning. So in this episode of ITK: First 15 Minutes, she gives us a peek into the life of a flight attendant as she shows us how she gets ready for a flight to Dallas.

“Being a flight attendant, I feel pretty much rushed all the time,” Victoria says. “It’s part of my lifestyle.”

Victoria can’t be late for her flight, though fortunately, the airport is only 15 minutes from her home. To save time, she starts boiling her eggs in a small egg cooker while still getting ready. Next, she heads to the bathroom to brush her teeth, put in her contact lenses and do her hair. Between these steps, Victoria packs a small bag of essential toiletries she’ll need on her travels, mentioning that flight attendants can take full-size bottles on planes as long as they’re in uniform.

Now that the eggs are ready, Victoria returns to the kitchen. She pours herself some coffee and packs the eggs to take with her.

“The reason I became a flight attendant, I know it sounds cliche, is because I love to travel and I love meeting people,” Victoria says. “I’ve been able to go to 23 countries. Before I was a flight attendant, I had only been to three.

Next, Victoria returns to her bedroom to pack her suitcase and put on her uniform. The final step is accessorizing: She ties her signature flight attendant scarf around her neck neatly and puts on a watch, explaining that all flight attendants must wear a watch.

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