These floating gardens in Rotterdam are made from recycled waste

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One of the solutions against ocean pollution started in Rotterdam with the project Recycled Park.

This technical innovation could be a game-changer in the fight against river pollution and eventually against that of the oceans. Recycled Park in Rotterdam has installed barriers that manage to capture most of the plastic waste carried from the Meuse and the Rhine. The waste that is collected is then recycled into floating islands that can host returning flora and fauna, a win-win solution. We take a look at the innovation in our feature "Protecting the planet one step at a time" in partnership with the NGO Energy Observer Solutions.

Every year, 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into the oceans. In Rotterdam, the NGO Clear Rivers installs traps on rivers to prevent plastic from reaching the sea.

Plastic, curse of the rivers

Plastic bottles, bags, glasses and cutlery: plastic waste is everywhere, on land and at sea. The concentration of plastic litter is even bigger in the cities, where rivers are hit full force. It is even usually through rivers that plastic waste ends up in the ocean.

Barriers to hold plastic back

A curse that Clear Rivers, a Dutch NGO, decided to fight against in Rotterdam, by implementing a simple but efficient plan. With its programme entitled "Recycled Park," the NGO installed litter traps at the mouth of the river and in ports. These platforms fixed at the riverbanks let the water pass through, while holding back and storing plastic waste. This litter is then recycled and reused as a raw material to build floating structures meant to become parks!

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