FKA Twigs shares details about upcoming new album, 'Magdalene'

English singer-songwriter FKA Twigs arriving for the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey on August 26, 2019

The artist revealed in a recent interview with i-D that her new album, "Magdalene," will arrive at a yet-unknown date this fall.

The upcoming project will mark FKA Twigs' sophomore album, following her 2014 "LP1."

Although details about the record are still scarce, "Magdalene" will be self-produced with guest contributions from Nicolas Jaar and Future among others.

The Atlanta rapper notably appears on the song "Holy Terrain," which Twigs describes as "the most fun track" on the album.

"His verse is beautiful. He's just talking about his downfalls as a man; how he's sorry and asking for healing. I love sad Future. I love when he gets emo, when he expresses himself. It's just so beautiful when he opens up," she detailed.

Twigs also revealed that "Magdalene" is "about every lover that [she's] ever had, and every lover that [she's] going to have."

"I used to laugh to myself about how, as a woman, your story is often attached to the narrative of a man. It's really fragile. I made it at a time when I was in recovery -- physically and emotionally -- and I think that comes through," she added.

The album has the same name as a series of theater shows Twigs performed earlier this year across the US.

It also directly references the biblical character of Mary Magdalene, who greatly influenced Twigs in her creative process.

"I started to read about Mary Magdalene and how amazing she was; how she was likely to have been Jesus's best friend, his confidante. She was a herbalist and a healer, but, you know, her story is written out of the Bible and she was 'a prostitute'. I found a lot of power in the story of Mary Magdalene; a lot of dignity, a lot of grace, a lot of inspiration," she revealed.

Confirmed tracks on the full-length include "Daybed," "Home With You," and "Sad Day" as well as the recently-released single "Cellophane."