Five ways Ariella Arida stays in tip-top shape

Every inch of beauty queen Ariella Arida's body is perfectly-sculpted: from her neck to her arms, down to her abs and her legs. When she moves, you see the muscle definition under the skin, yet she stays looking "soft" and ladylike, not exactly ripped and "hard."

We immediately think that Ara must spend hours in the gym and stick to such a strict diet program that she deprives herself of food she loves (savory and oh-so-spicy!); but the Miss Universe 2013 Third Runner-Up is quick to tell us at our fashion editorial shoot that this isn't so.

When we asked Ara to share her fitness secrets with us, she gave us five simple tips:

1. Find an exercise you enjoy
2. Drink enough water
3. Get enough sleep
4. Practice self-control at all times
5. Eat small, frequent meals

Watch the video and see Ara explain how and why she sticks to each tip.

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Styling by Kai Magsanoc. Makeup by Myr Lim and hairstyle by Raquel Panes of Make-Up Designory. Tube top from Suiteblanco.

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