Five things you must do to be better dog parents

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Five things you must do to be better dog parents
Five things you must do to be better dog parents

15 Sep 2021: Five things you must do to be better dog parents

Dogs teach us incredible things, one of them being the quality of loving one and all unconditionally. They render upon their masters all they have and let's admit, their unfathomable love gives us a reason to live. Therefore, it goes without saying, we should care for them and fill them with love, too. So, let's see how you can be a better dog parent.

#1: Study your dog's personality, give medical attention when required

Since different breeds have different personalities and behavioral patterns, you must be thorough with your research about your dog. Not just that, even in the same breed, every dog is different, so a careful study is needed there, too. Further, just like humans, they need medical care as well. So, be updated with their vaccinations, nutrient boosters, and regular checkups by a veterinarian.

#2: Not human food, give them their own

For ensuring the healthy growth of your fido, you need to feed them a balanced diet. Generally, we tend to give our babies human food, but please note, it's not right for them as it lacks the appropriate nutrients required by them. So, the food that's made exclusively for them is the best. Royal Canin, Pedigree, and Drools are the top dog food brands.

#3: Try starting your doggo's training at an early age

Like kids, puppies also have the ability to grasp and learn at a young age. Although training your puppy can be done at later stages as well, it's a lot easier when they are little. To train well, it's important to understand your puppy and avoid using negative reinforcements at any cost as it may turn them stubborn. Keep the training strict yet enjoyable.

#4: Fulfill the unsaid necessities of your pooch

Grooming, hair cuts, regular baths, tick and flea treatments, toys, outings, etc. are other necessities that you must take care of. Long hair, nails, ticks, fleas, etc. can trouble them, so regular checks on these things are essential. Further, keeping them clean and hygienic improves their health. For activities, give them toys for teething and take them out for short walks at regular intervals.

#5: Finally, give them the attention they demand

These selfless creatures crave attention all the time, which you should try to give them always. Don't keep them tied for too long, don't be very brutal while scolding, and love them with all your heart. A strong bond with you will give them the security they need to live with you. And then, no matter what, your doggy will be there for you.

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