Five strategies that can help you to stop procrastination

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Five strategies that can help you to stop procrastination
Five strategies that can help you to stop procrastination

16 Sep 2021: Five strategies that can help you to stop procrastination

Procrastination is a strong force that stops you from completing your important tasks. Putting off your work for later may feel very comfortable, but has dire consequences. Procrastination often leads to poor performance at work, failing in school, and whatnot. This is a habit that can't be broken overnight, so here are some strategies which, when performed regularly, can prevent you from procrastinating.

Deadlines: Break down your work and assign multiple deadlines to yourself

One final deadline gives you room to procrastinate. For example, the stressful last-minute college assignment submissions. You can prevent this by breaking down your project into smaller parts and creating an extremely specific timeline for each task. To make this strategy work, you have to set strict deadlines for each part and follow them rigidly. You can also ask someone to monitor you.

Figure out: If you are overwhelmed, try to clear every possible confusion

One of the key reasons behind procrastination is feeling overwhelmed and confused. The first step to fight this feeling is to acknowledge it. Once you have done that, ensure that before you start the work, you clear every possible confusion and figure out a way to reach your objective. Calmly think about the possible strategies, and if needed, ask for help.

Cramming: Avoid cramming by making a commitment to a third party

A lot of people, especially students, believe that stress helps in reaching deadlines quickly. And honestly, it is true. Cramming does help. However, this reduces your quality of work, which can automatically ruin your reputation. The easiest way to avoid this disastrous consequence is to make a public commitment by sharing your plan and a final deadline with a friend or better, your boss.

Motivation: Focus on a long-term benefit that will make you happy

One motivation behind meeting your deadlines is the immediate benefits. For example, working faster on a Friday to enjoy the weekend. But these short-term benefits are not enough. When you feel like procrastinating, think about a long-term goal that gives you immense happiness. These goals will inspire you to work more efficiently. Dream purchases (like buying a house) are an example of this goal.

Rewards: Give yourself a small reward for completing a task

Giving positive reinforcements is a psychological way of enabling good behavior. When you feel appreciated, you try to gain some more appreciation by completing the next task. You can use this concept on yourself. Reward yourself for each step you take toward your goal. For example, after a successful workout, take a relaxing bath. This will give you the incentive to do it again.

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