Five foods that got people in Singapore talking in 2017

Elizabeth Tong
Entertainment Reporter
Food that got people in Singapore talking in 2017 (Photos: A&W, McDonald’s)

It’s an understatement to say that people in Singapore are serious about food. This year, there was no shortage of food topics that got everyone talking (and queuing).

Take a look back at everything food-related that we couldn’t get enough of this year, or at least until the next food fad comes along.



A&W is planning a return to Singapore in 2018 (Photo: A&W Multimedia)

American fast food chain A&W was the first fast food restaurant to open in Singapore back in 1966, way before McDonald’s and KFC opened shop here.

A&W, named after the founders Allen and Wright, is known for their root beer served in frosty mugs, Coney Dogs and curly fries. The chain shut all their outlets in Singapore in 2003.

So it’s no wonder people got excited when the restaurant chain confirmed their return to our sunny shores, planned for 2018.

Kevin Bazner, President and CEO of A&W also confirmed to Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore that outlets in Singapore will also be Halal-certified to cater to Muslims in the country.

Come next year, there will be no need to cross the Causeway (to Malaysia) for A&W again.

McDonald’s Nasi Lemak Burger

The Nasi Lemak Burger (Photo: McDonald’s)

The year 2017 saw the introduction of the Nasi Lemak Burger by fast food chain McDonald’s on 13 July, launched as part of Singapore’s National Day celebrations.

The burger is inspired by the popular Malay coconut rice dish, and consists of a coconut-flavoured chicken thigh patty layered with a fried egg, onions, cucumber, and a spicy-sweet sambal sauce nestled inside a semolina bun.

Within two weeks of the launch, the burger was sold out islandwide, with many begging McDonald’s to bring it back. Due to popular demand, it was indeed brought back on the menu on 31 August.

The nasi lemak burger craze also spread to Malaysia, with a similar concoction offered by popular Malaysian F&B joint myBurgerLab.

Cheese tarts

Signature Pablo freshly baked cheese tart. (Yahoo file photo)

Just when you thought the craze for cheese tarts ended in 2016, Pablo brought the queues back with the opening of their first outlet in Singapore on 8 August.

Fans of the popular cheese tart from Japan started queuing outside the Wisma Atria outlet from 9.30am, when the store was only open to the public from noon.

Gong Cha

Gong Cha opened its flagship SingPost Centre outlet on Friday (1 Dec). (Photo: Elizabeth Tong/Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)

How could we leave out this popular bubble tea chain that left Singapore for six whole months?

When it was announced that all the Gong Cha outlets in Singapore would be replaced by a new brand called LiHo in June, long queues were spotted outside the remaining stores, with some customers specially visiting the shop just to buy their last cup of Gong Cha.

Though many were upset by the rebranding, it wasn’t long until they were reunited with their favourite bubble tea drinks in Singapore again.

When Gong Cha made their return in December, over a hundred fans showed up outside their flagship store at SingPost Centre, with some queuing from the night before.

Singaporeans reunite with their favourite Gong Cha drinks. (Yahoo file photo)


llaollao was ‘disappointed’ by closure, and vowed to reopen soon. (Yahoo file photo)

Following Gong Cha, another popular F&B chain was phased out and replaced with a new brand.

Spanish frozen yogurt chain llaollao, popular for their fro-yo that comes with a variety of toppings, had all their outlets in Singapore replaced with another European yogurt chain called Yolé on 9 December.

Of course, this news made everyone rush down to their nearest llaollao outlet to grab their hands of their favourite fro-yo before it was all gone.

Less than a week after the overhaul, llaollao announced on Facebook that it was “far from finished in Singapore”, so let’s just get ready for the queues to start again.

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