Five 'Crazy Rich Asians' living in Singapore

Nurul Azliah
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CORRECTION at 7.40pm, 4 April 2017: This article has been corrected to remove an erroneous reference on Kane Lim as the son of billionaire Peter Lim and as the sibling of Kim Lim.

All the buzz over casting announcements for upcoming movie “Crazy Rich Asians”, which will be filmed in Singapore, has piqued our interest to find out who exactly are the ‘crazy rich Asians’ residing here.

After having trawled through the Internet – including Instagram – we’ve put together a list of five young Singaporeans who are definitely living up to their riches, showing off luxury items, posh travel adventures and all that glam.

Many of these potential future billionaires come from wealthy families, and it’s nice to note that some of them take time out of their schedules to give back to the community.

Here’s a look at some of the richest young Singaporeans and what they’re up to:

1. Dhillon Lee

Photo: Dhillon Lee/Instagram
Photo: Dhillon Lee/Instagram

Dhillon Lee, who is known to be the son of a Singaporean multi-millionaire, frequently posts selfies across his social media. He appears to be an adventurous traveller, and often showcases himself jet skiing, scuba diving, rock climbing, or sky diving. Based on his posts, it looks like he has also volunteered at the Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home.

2. Mae Tan

Photo: Mae Tan/Instagram
Photo: Mae Tan/Instagram

Mae Tan is the daughter of a Singaporean businessman and goddaughter to acting legend Jackie Chan. She’s known for posting selfies of her outfits on Instagram, where she incorporates fast fashion retailers, like Zara, with luxury brands like Hermès and Chanel. She’s recently modelled for Urban Decay.

3. Meng Jun Kuok (aka MJ Kuok)

Photo: Ming Jun Kuok/Instagram
Photo: Kuok Ming Jun/Instagram

Kuok Meng Jun is the grandson of Malaysia’s richest man, Robert Kuok, who has amassed a net worth of over US$12 billion (S$16.8 billion), according to Forbes. Meng Jun has a passion for music, and took part in the third season of Singapore Idol in 2009. He pulled out due to “personal reasons”, but hasn’t stopped making music – he frequently posts photos of himself DJ-ing or working on new music.

4. Kane Lim

Photo: Kane Lim/Instagram
Photo: Kane Lim/Instagram

Kane reportedly earned his first million as a fledgling businessman at the age of 20. He runs an Instagram account called @thefashionfund_ where he sells (mostly) used luxury brand items from his extensive personal collection. He has an eye for jewellery, high fashion, and a shoe collection worth nearly a quarter of a million dollars.

5. Kim Lim

Photo: Kim Lim/Instagram
Photo: Kim Lim/Instagram

Kim Lim, who is possibly the most well-known face on this list, is the daughter of self-made Singaporean tycoon Peter Lim and enjoys showcasing her luxurious lifestyle on her Instagram account, with images of her collection of designer handbags as well as an array of Louboutin heels. It has been reported that her eventual goal is to help her father run his business.

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