Five benefits of using an oil diffuser at home

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Five benefits of using an oil diffuser at home
Five benefits of using an oil diffuser at home

05 Sep 2021: Five benefits of using an oil diffuser at home

Oil diffusers use heat to break down essential oils into vapor. When this vapor is released into the air, it makes the living space aromatic by letting out the essence of the oil that is used. Along with making your home smell like a spa, oil diffusers have several benefits, including helping with stress relief, aiding in relaxed sleep, and combating bacterial growth.

Odor: Eliminates odor and leaves the home aromatic

Diffusing essential oils helps to eliminate stinky household odors and leaves the air fresh and aromatic. Musty odors caused by molds can be harmful when inhaled. This can be brought down by infusing lemon or grapefruit scents in the diffuser. To remove the stubborn smell in the kitchen, keep an oil diffuser with vanilla scent on the kitchen shelf at all times.

Mosquito repellent: Oil diffuser is a safe way to repel mosquitoes

An oil diffuser is an excellent and safe method to repel insects such as mosquitos, ticks, and bugs from your home. Studies prove that a diffused oil mixture containing clove essence is successful in repelling Zika-carrying mosquitoes that also spread dengue and chikungunya diseases. Mix a few drops of water with either citronella, peppermint, or lemongrass oil in your diffuser to ward off mosquitoes.

Immunity: Diffusing essential oils improves immunity function

It goes without saying that a healthy immune system is the foundation of a healthy life. Using an oil diffuser with oil blends that boost immunity helps prevent you from falling ill. Use oil blends of tea tree, frankincense, eucalyptus, and rosemary that have immune-boosting properties in your diffuser. Using a mini oil diffuser in the car during long drives also reduces travel fatigue.

Yeast, bacteria: Combats yeast and bacterial buildup at home

Diffused oils break down free radicals that contribute to the growth of harmful bacteria and fungal yeasts. To curb bacterial growth in closed spaces, mix water with few drops of eucalyptus or thyme oil in the diffuser. Vapors of peppermint, lemongrass, and tea tree oils are great to break down fungal growth and are proven to make the air inhospitable for microbial growth.

Money saver: Oil diffusers are multipurpose and a money saving investment

With multiple uses rolled into one, a single oil diffuser used with different oils will help save money that will otherwise be spent on individual products. There are different types of diffusers such as evaporative diffusers, electric diffusers, nebulizing diffusers, and humidifying diffusers. Choosing the right type for you will prove to be an economical investment for multiple purposes.

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